A Darkness at Sethanon: A Brief Overview of the Book

A Darkness at Sethanon is a captivating fantasy novel, written by the renowned author Raymond E. Feist. Published in 1986 as the third book in the Riftwar Saga, it continues the thrilling adventures set in the fantasy world of Midkemia.

The Storyline

The story revolves around the ongoing conflict between the Kingdom of the Isles and the invading forces from another world, known as Tsurani. As tensions rise, the primary characters from previous books find themselves in the midst of a battle to protect their home and prevent the total destruction of Midkemia.

Prince Arutha, the protagonist, finds himself at the center of the conflict as he attempts to rescue his love interest, Princess Anita, who has been kidnapped by a traitor within the kingdom. Alongside his loyal companions, including the talented magician Pug, the skilled thief Jimmy the Hand, and the elf Queen Aglaranna, Arutha embarks on a perilous journey to save the princess and preserve the stability of the realm.

Award-Winning Novel

A Darkness at Sethanon has received widespread acclaim in the literary world. The book has been nominated for and won several prestigious awards, including the esteemed Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1987, cementing its place as a timeless masterpiece in the fantasy genre.

Critical Acclaim

Critics and readers alike have praised Raymond E. Feist’s skillful storytelling and world-building abilities in A Darkness at Sethanon. The seamless blend of action, adventure, romance, and complex character development has been commended for its ability to captivate and engage readers from start to finish.

Feist’s vivid descriptions and attention to detail bring the fantastical realm of Midkemia to life, immersing readers in a world filled with magic, warriors, and political intrigue. The pacing of the narrative maintains a perfect balance between suspenseful moments and character-driven scenes, ensuring a thrilling reading experience.

The conclusion of the Riftwar Saga in A Darkness at Sethanon has been praised for its ability to tie loose ends and provide a satisfying resolution to the overarching plotline, while still leaving room for future novels set in the same world.

Memorable Characters

A Darkness at Sethanon introduces readers to a diverse cast of memorable characters whose journeys and personal growth greatly contribute to the overall narrative.

Prince Arutha, known for his strategic brilliance and steadfast loyalty, emerges as a true hero as he faces numerous challenges while trying to rescue Princess Anita. His determination and resilience make him a relatable and inspiring character.

Pug, the powerful magician, plays a crucial role in unraveling the mysteries and saving the day. His growth throughout the series and his complex relationships with other characters leave a lasting impression.

Queen Aglaranna, the elven ruler, adds depth to the story with her wisdom, grace, and unwavering commitment to protecting her people. Her presence and leadership make her a pivotal character in the fight against the Tsurani.


A Darkness at Sethanon is an enthralling fantasy novel that seamlessly blends action, adventure, and romance. The book’s accolades and critical acclaim are a testament to Raymond E. Feist’s exquisite storytelling and ability to create a compelling world filled with memorable characters.

Whether you are a fan of fantasy literature or simply seeking an immersive and captivating read, A Darkness at Sethanon is a must-read addition to any bookshelf.

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