A Little Wanting Song

A Little Wanting Song is a captivating novel written by Cath Crowley. It tells the story of two teenage girls, Charlie Duskin and Rose Butler, who develop an unlikely friendship that transforms their lives in profound ways. The book explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the power of music to heal.

The Plot

The story is set in a small Australian town called “Burrow”, where Charlie Duskin, a seventeen-year-old girl, feels trapped and longs for something more from her life. She dreams of escaping Burrow and her responsibilities as her mother’s carer. Charlie finds solace in music and spends her days playing her guitar, writing songs, and trying to make sense of her complicated emotions.

Enter Rose Butler, a vibrant and outgoing girl who moves to Burrow with her family. Rose is determined to break free from her own troubles and live life to the fullest. Despite their differences, Charlie and Rose form an unlikely bond over their love for music and shared longing for something bigger.

The girls spend their summer exploring the countryside, attending parties, and navigating their personal challenges. Through their friendship, they find the courage to confront their fears, pursue their passions, and embrace the beauty of life’s uncertainties.

Praise and Awards

A Little Wanting Song has received widespread acclaim from readers and critics alike. Its beautifully written prose, relatable characters, and heartfelt storyline have resonated with audiences around the world.

The novel has been lauded for its authentic portrayal of teenage emotions and the way it captures the transformative power of music. It was nominated for several awards, including the prestigious Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award.

Notable Characters

Charlie Duskin: The protagonist of the story, a talented musician with a longing for something more in life. Charlie’s struggles with her mother’s illness and her desire to break free form the core of her character arc.

Rose Butler: A vivacious and adventurous girl who moves to Burrow and befriends Charlie. Rose’s vibrant personality and free-spirited nature breathe new life into Charlie’s world.

Tom Mackee: A local boy and longtime friend of Charlie’s who harbors his own demons. Tom’s complicated relationship with Charlie adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

Overall, A Little Wanting Song is a powerful novel that explores the universal themes of friendship, self-discovery, and the importance of following one’s dreams. Through the nuanced portrayal of its characters and lyrical storytelling, Cath Crowley has created a captivating tale that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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