Born on a Blue Day: A Brief Introduction

Born on a Blue Day is an extraordinary autobiography written by Daniel Tammet, a British author, and mathematical savant. With a unique writing style and profound insights into his life as an individual with autism spectrum disorder, Tammet invites readers into his world and provides a glimpse into his remarkable abilities.

Plot Summary

The book chronicles Tammet’s journey from childhood to adulthood, capturing the struggles and triumphs he faced along the way. The story begins with his early years, where he recounts the challenges of growing up with a condition that made social interactions and communication difficult for him.

Despite the obstacles, Tammet discovers an incredible affinity for numbers and language. He becomes known for his incredible mathematical abilities and sets a record for reciting pi to 22,514 decimal places, showcasing his exceptional memory and cognitive skills.

Throughout the book, Tammet shares personal anecdotes and anecdotes of encounters that shaped his life, highlighting the pivotal moments that helped him overcome his limitations and embrace his uniqueness.

Awards, Critiques, and Acclaim

Born on a Blue Day garnered widespread recognition and received several awards for its captivating narrative and insightful portrayal of autism. The book was met with critical acclaim by both readers and experts in the field.

It was the winner of the 2007 Best Biography award by the National Book Awards in the UK, earning well-deserved recognition for its touching and thought-provoking content. Tammet’s honest and introspective writing style resonated deeply with readers, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of the autistic experience.

Notable Characters

Throughout the narrative, Born on a Blue Day introduces readers to various individuals who played significant roles in Tammet’s life:

1. Daniel Tammet

The author himself, Daniel Tammet, serves as the central character of the book. As a mathematical savant and someone with autism, his unique perspective and experiences form the core of the narrative.

2. Christopher

Christopher is Daniel’s younger brother and an important figure in his life. Tammet discusses their relationship and how their bond helped him navigate the complexities of his condition.

3. Kim Peek

Kim Peek, the real-life inspiration behind the character Raymond Babbitt in the film Rain Man, plays a significant role in Tammet’s journey. Peek’s remarkable memory and cognitive abilities provide a source of inspiration and guidance for Tammet.


Born on a Blue Day is a captivating memoir that delves into the world of autism and showcases the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind. Through Tammet’s experiences, readers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum. With its well-deserved accolades and powerful storytelling, this book continues to inspire and educate readers.

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