Born to Be Posthumous: A Brief Overview of the Book

Born to Be Posthumous is a captivating literary work written by Mark Dery. This book delves into the life and legacy of Edward Gorey, one of the most celebrated and enigmatic figures in the realm of art and literature. With a unique blend of biography, memoir, and cultural analysis, Dery uncovers the fascinating world of this unconventional artist and sheds light on his significant contributions to the world of art and literature.

The Unveiling of Edward Gorey’s Life

Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Dery presents the intricate details of Edward Gorey’s life. From his eccentric childhood and reclusive nature to his artistic pursuits and influential works, readers are invited to explore the many facets of this enigmatic figure.

A Trailblazer in Style and Aesthetic

Gorey’s unique artistic style, characterized by intricate crosshatching and macabre illustrations, left an indelible mark on contemporary art. Born to Be Posthumous sheds light on the origins of Gorey’s distinctive aesthetic and analyzes its influences on pop culture and the literary world.

Recognition and Critical Acclaim

Throughout his career, Edward Gorey received praise and acclaim for his artistic contributions. Born to Be Posthumous explores the numerous accolades bestowed upon Gorey, including prestigious awards like the Tony Award for his scenic design of “Dracula” and his collaboration with countless esteemed authors, such as John Updike and Samuel Beckett.

Influence on Literature and Fandom

Gorey’s enduring influence on literature is palpable, and this book delves into the impact he has had on contemporary authors and the wider literary landscape. From his habit of writing dense and dark fiction to the influence of his characters and stories on modern writers, Dery examines how Gorey’s legacy continues to shape the literary world.

Exploring the Eccentricities of Edward Gorey

One of the most compelling aspects of Born to Be Posthumous is its exploration of Gorey’s unconventional lifestyle and personality quirks. From his fondness for cats and Victorian fashion to his love for ballet and his penchant for solitary living, Dery unravels the eccentricities that made Gorey such a complex and intriguing individual.

An Intimate Portrait of Edward Gorey

The book goes beyond a mere exploration of Gorey’s art and delves into his personal life, presenting an intimate portrait of the artist. From his early relationships and friendships to his later years, readers gain insight into the man behind the enigmatic illustrations and tales that continue to capture the imaginations of many.


Born to Be Posthumous provides a comprehensive and captivating exploration of Edward Gorey’s life, art, and lasting influence. Through Dery’s meticulous research and engaging narrative, readers gain a deeper understanding of Gorey’s multi-faceted genius, making this book a must-read for literature enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone captivated by the extraordinary.

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