Children of the Lamp

Children of the Lamp is a captivating young adult fantasy series written by British author P.B. Kerr. The series follows the adventures of twelve-year-old twins, John and Philippa Gaunt, who discover that they are descendants of a long line of djinn, or genie, from ancient Persia. As djinn, they possess incredible powers and are thrust into a world of magic and intrigue.

The Story

The story begins when John and Philippa receive their Djinn Magic Handbook on their twelfth birthday. This magical book introduces them to the secrets of their heritage and teaches them how to harness their powers. As they navigate their way through a secret society of djinn and an array of mythical creatures, the twins embark on a quest to protect the world from dark forces.

Throughout the series, John and Philippa travel to different parts of the world, encountering various challenges and adversaries. From solving riddles in the catacombs of Paris to battling a powerful sorcerer in the deserts of Egypt, every adventure pushes them closer to uncovering the truth about their powers and their family’s past.

Awards and Recognition

Since its publication, Children of the Lamp has received widespread acclaim and has achieved both critical and commercial success. The series has been praised for its imaginative storytelling, well-developed characters, and intricate world-building. It has garnered a loyal following among readers of all ages, with its appeal extending beyond the young adult demographic.

While the series may not have received specific awards, it has consistently been acknowledged as a captivating and engaging read within the fantasy genre. The magical world created by P.B. Kerr has captivated readers worldwide, making Children of the Lamp a beloved series within the literary community.

Key Characters

1. John Gaunt: The older twin who possesses a natural talent for magic and an insatiable curiosity about their family’s heritage. He is brave and quick-witted, often leading the way in their adventures.

2. Philippa Gaunt: The younger twin who has an extraordinary talent for languages and a deep sense of empathy. She is loyal and compassionate, playing a crucial role in resolving conflicts throughout their journey.

3. Nimrod “Nimmo” Godwin: A wise and eccentric djinn who serves as the twins’ mentor and guide. Nimmo helps them understand their powers and provides valuable advice as they navigate the world of magic.

4. Uncle Nimrod: John and Philippa’s guardian and the head of the djinn community. He is a powerful and enigmatic figure who holds many secrets about their family’s history and the hidden world of djinn.

5. Dybbuk: The mischievous and unpredictable shape-shifting hobgoblin who assists John and Philippa in their adventures. Despite his mischievous nature, Dybbuk remains a loyal companion to the twins.

6. Mr. Solomon: A menacing sorcerer and the main antagonist of the series. Mr. Solomon seeks to use the twins’ powers for his own nefarious purposes and will stop at nothing to obtain them.

As the series progresses, additional characters are introduced, each contributing to the twins’ journey and revealing new facets of the magical world they inhabit.

Children of the Lamp is a thrilling and enchanting series that combines elements of fantasy, adventure, and mythology. It has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, transporting them into a world where magic exists and incredible powers lie within the grasp of a chosen few.

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