China Rich Girlfriend

China Rich Girlfriend is a novel written by Kevin Kwan. It is the sequel to his bestselling debut novel, Crazy Rich Asians. Published in 2015, the book follows the story of Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young as they navigate the intricacies of family, love, and social status in the elite world of Chinese billionaires.

The Plot

The story picks up from where Crazy Rich Asians left off. Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese, discovers that her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, is a member of one of the wealthiest families in Singapore. Despite the challenges they faced due to cultural differences and the disapproval of Nicholas’ family, they managed to find love and acceptance.

In China Rich Girlfriend, Rachel and Nicholas are engaged and preparing for their wedding. However, Rachel’s birth father, who she thought was deceased, suddenly appears and invites them to his extravagant wedding in Shanghai. Curious about her heritage and eager to meet her long-lost father, Rachel convinces Nicholas to embark on this journey with her.

Once in Shanghai, Rachel finds herself thrust into the world of China’s super-rich. She encounters glamorous socialites, extravagant parties, and scandalous secrets. As the plot unfolds, Rachel discovers shocking revelations about her father and his family, forcing her to re-evaluate her place in Nicholas’ world.

The story is a captivating mix of drama, romance, and social commentary, shedding light on the complexities of wealth and the clash between tradition and modernity in contemporary China.

Critical Reception

China Rich Girlfriend received mixed reviews from critics and readers. Some praised Kevin Kwan’s ability to vividly portray the opulent lifestyles of the Chinese elite, while others felt that the storyline lacked depth compared to its predecessor, Crazy Rich Asians.

The book was commended for its humor and witty writing style, as well as its examination of social issues surrounding wealth and privilege. However, some critics found the characters to be shallow and the plot predictable.


Despite the polarized reviews, China Rich Girlfriend achieved considerable success and recognition. It debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list and remained on the list for several weeks.

The book was also adapted into a movie, serving as the basis for the sequel to the Crazy Rich Asians film. The film adaptation garnered praise for its lavish production design and ensemble cast.

Noteworthy Characters

Rachel Chu: The protagonist of the story, an American-born Chinese who finds herself thrust into the world of Chinese billionaires.

Nicholas Young: Rachel’s boyfriend and heir to one of the richest families in Singapore.

Fiona Cheng: Rachel’s childhood friend and a prominent socialite in Shanghai.

Colin Khoo: Nicholas’ best friend, who plays a significant role in the overall plot.

Astrid Leong: Rachel’s closest friend and an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Eleanor Young: Nicholas’ mother, who initially disapproves of Rachel but eventually comes to terms with their relationship.

Michael Teo: Rachel’s birth father, who reveals himself and invites her to his wedding.

Kitty Pong: A former soap opera star turned socialite, who faces scrutiny and judgment from the high society.

Despite the criticisms, China Rich Girlfriend remains a popular choice among readers intrigued by the extravagant world of Asia’s ultra-rich. It offers an entertaining and glamorous glimpse into the lives of the Chinese elite, blended with themes of love, family, and personal identity.

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