Cold Hearted – A Brief History of the Book

Cold Hearted is a captivating novel written by an acclaimed author, which tells the story of love, betrayal, and revenge through the eyes of its protagonist, Emma. Set in the picturesque town of Bluewater, it takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Plot Summary

In Cold Hearted, Emma is a young and ambitious woman who falls deeply in love with the charming Evan. Their love story seems perfect at first, but soon Emma discovers a dark secret that shatters her world. Evan turns out to be involved in a dangerous criminal underground, leaving Emma to navigate a treacherous path of deceit and manipulation.

As the story unfolds, Emma’s determination to uncover the truth leads her to cross paths with Mason, a brilliant and enigmatic detective who becomes her unexpected ally. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey, seeking justice and redemption.

Praise and Awards

Since its release, Cold Hearted has garnered critical acclaim for its gripping storytelling and well-developed characters. It has received several prestigious awards, such as the Best Suspense Novel of the Year and the Readers’ Choice Award for Outstanding Fiction.

Critics have praised the author’s ability to create a vivid and atmospheric setting, immersing readers in the world of Bluewater. The book’s fast-paced narrative and intricate plot have earned it comparisons to bestselling authors in the crime and thriller genres.

Memorable Characters

Emma: The resilient and courageous protagonist of Cold Hearted. She undergoes a transformation from a naive and innocent individual to a determined woman seeking justice and closure.

Evan: Emma’s love interest, who initially appears charming and ideal. However, his true nature is revealed as the story progresses, leaving Emma questioning everything she thought she knew.

Mason: A brilliant detective with a mysterious past. He becomes Emma’s ally and assists her in unearthing the truth behind Evan’s involvement in the criminal underworld.

Alicia: Emma’s best friend, who provides emotional support throughout her journey and adds depth to the story with her own struggles.


By immersing readers in a thrilling narrative filled with deception, Cold Hearted captivates from beginning to end. Its ability to explore complex themes of love, trust, and redemption makes it a must-read for those who enjoy thrilling stories that keep them on the edge of their seats.

Whether you prefer books, audiobooks, e-books, or podcasts, Cold Hearted is a remarkable addition to the world of literature, offering an immersive experience for readers in any format.

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