Concealed in Death: A Captivating Thriller from J.D. Robb

Concealed in Death is a gripping crime novel written by J.D. Robb, the pseudonym of popular author Nora Roberts. Released in 2014, this book is part of the much-loved “In Death” series, featuring the fearless and determined Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

A Riveting Storyline

In Concealed in Death, Lieutenant Eve Dallas faces one of her most challenging cases yet. Set in futuristic New York City, Eve is summoned to a crime scene: a well-maintained Victorian brownstone that hides gruesome secrets within its walls.

The story revolves around the discovery of the skeletal remains of twelve young girls, concealed behind a false wall. As Eve digs deeper into the case, she unravels a dark history of abuse, exploitation, and murder. With each revelation, the suspense intensifies, leading to a thrilling climax.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

Concealed in Death proved to be both a commercial success and a critical triumph. It received rave reviews from readers and critics alike, praising J.D. Robb’s masterful storytelling and well-developed characters.

The book also garnered nominations and awards within the mystery and crime genre community. It was a nominee for the 2015 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense Novel.

Unforgettable Characters

Concealed in Death features a plethora of memorable characters that play pivotal roles in the narrative. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, the tenacious and dedicated protagonist, leads the investigation with her trademark determination and sharp instincts.

Throughout the book, readers witness the camaraderie and banter between Eve and her loyal team, including her husband Roarke, a former criminal turned billionaire businessman, and her trustworthy sidekick Delia Peabody.

Additionally, J.D. Robb introduces a compelling cast of suspects, witnesses, and victims, each with their own intriguing stories and motivations. These characters bring depth and complexity to the plot, keeping readers captivated until the final pages.

Engaging Fans of Literature in All Formats

Concealed in Death caters to the diverse reading preferences of literature enthusiasts. Whether readers prefer physical books, audiobooks, e-books, or podcasts, this enthralling novel is readily available in various formats.

For fans of the “In Death” series, Concealed in Death is a must-read installment that adds another layer of suspense and intrigue to Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s ongoing journey.

So, pick up your preferred format, settle in with a cup of coffee, and prepare to be immersed in the thrilling world of Concealed in Death.

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