Daughter of Smoke and Bone

A Brief Overview

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a captivating fantasy novel written by Laini Taylor. Set in a world where angels and demons exist, the story revolves around the life of Karou, a seventeen-year-old art student and the central protagonist of the tale.

Karou, with her striking blue hair and mysterious tattoos, lives in Prague but often finds herself traveling to other dimensions collecting teeth for a creature named Brimstone. While those around her believe she is running errands for a dangerous underworld figure, she is actually a part of an ancient conflict between angels and chimaera, beings created from animal and human DNA.

The novel takes readers on a thrilling journey as Karou discovers her true origins, uncovers secrets about her past, and learns the deep connection between her world and the angels’, particularly a seraph named Akiva. As the ultimate war between good and evil looms, Karou must make choices that will not only determine the fate of her world but also question her allegiances and the boundaries of love and sacrifice.

Accolades and Critic Reviews

Daughter of Smoke and Bone received widespread acclaim upon its release, captivating both readers and critics alike. It has garnered numerous accolades and nominations, showcasing its literary brilliance and engaging storytelling:

  • Winner of the 2012 Michael L. Printz Honor Book Award: This prestigious award recognizes outstanding young adult literature, celebrating the novel’s unique storyline and writing style.
  • New York Times Bestseller: The novel’s commercial success and popularity are further exemplified by its presence on the esteemed New York Times Bestseller list.

The book’s enchanting narrative and compelling characters have also received rave reviews:

  • The Guardian: “Taylor’s novel plays out in a vividly imagined world and features complex characters, an ambitious and thrilling plot, and writing that is both beautiful and poignant.”
  • Publishers Weekly: “Taylor conjures a captivating, otherworldly realm of amiable characters, captivating artwork, and ancient myths rendered fresh by a liberal coat of sci-fi exotica.”
  • The Washington Post: “A breath-catching romantic fantasy about destiny, hope, and the search for one’s true self. A must-read for fans of mythology, memorable characters, and lush prose.”

Key Characters

The novel introduces readers to a diverse range of intriguing characters who play vital roles in the intricacies of the plot:

  • Karou: The protagonist of the story, a young art student leading a double life.
  • Brimstone: A chimaera and father figure to Karou, collecting teeth in exchange for wishes.
  • Akiva: A seraph and key love interest for Karou.
  • Zuzana: Karou’s best friend and accomplice, providing comic relief throughout the narrative.
  • Liraz: Akiva’s sister and fierce warrior, torn between loyalty and love.
  • Thiago: The leader of the chimaera, harboring dark secrets.

These characters, with their distinct personalities and motivations, contribute to the depth and complexity of the novel.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is an enthralling and beautifully written novel that transports readers into a world of magic, love, and timeless war. Laini Taylor’s evocative storytelling and vivid imagination make it a must-read for those who appreciate literary masterpieces within the fantasy genre.

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