Dry is a gripping novel written by Neal Shusterman and his son, Jarrod Shusterman. Published in 2018, this book tells a poignant story set in a world that is facing a severe drought. It explores the themes of survival, resilience, and the lengths people are willing to go to for water.


In Dry, the authors paint a terrifyingly realistic future where the taps run dry. The story follows Alyssa and her younger brother Garrett as they navigate the chaos and devastation that ensue when Southern California faces an extreme water shortage. As the situation worsens, the siblings embark on a desperate quest to find water and ensure their family’s survival.

The narrative in Dry is fast-paced and filled with tension, as the characters encounter dangerous situations and face moral dilemmas. As they join forces with other individuals grappling with the same crisis, alliances are formed, and friendships tested. The authors skillfully weave moments of hope, despair, and unexpected kindness into the plot, creating a compelling and suspenseful read.

Awards and Recognition

Dry has received widespread acclaim since its release, garnering critical praise and earning several notable awards. The novel was a Goodreads Choice Awards winner in the Young Adult Fiction category in 2018. It was also a Junior Library Guild Selection and was included in multiple “Best of” lists from trusted sources such as Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly.


Dry introduces readers to a diverse array of characters who navigate the water crisis. Some of the key individuals include:

  • Alyssa: The protagonist of the story, she is a resourceful and determined teenager who takes on the responsibility of ensuring her family’s survival.
  • Garrett: Alyssa’s younger brother, who proves to be unexpectedly resilient and courageous as they face the harsh realities of the water shortage together.
  • Kelton: A neighbor who joins forces with Alyssa and Garrett, he provides valuable assistance and expertise in navigating the crisis.
  • Jacqui: A resourceful girl Alyssa and Garrett encounter during their journey, she becomes a crucial ally in their search for water.
  • Henry: Alyssa and Garrett’s father, who becomes separated from them early on in the story, adding an emotional layer to the siblings’ quest.

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