Enemy of God – Book Overview

Enemy of God is a captivating novel written by Bernard Cornwell, a renowned British author famous for his historical fiction works. In this book, Cornwell brings to life the turbulent era of King Arthur and the Arthurian legends, immersing readers in a world filled with political intrigue, epic battles, and mystical powers.


The story revolves around the struggles of Derfel Cadarn, a skilled warrior who serves as a loyal warlord to Arthur, the charismatic leader of the British warband. As Derfel becomes entrenched in Arthur’s quest to unite the warring kingdoms of Britain, he becomes embroiled in a complex web of treachery, love, and mythical forces.

As the narrative unfolds, Derfel finds himself torn between his loyalty to Arthur and his feelings for Nimue, a powerful sorceress who possesses the legendary sword Excalibur. Together, they must navigate the treacherous world of politics while facing the ever-growing threat posed by Arthur’s enemies, including the vengeful Morgause and the traitorous Lancelot.

Awards, Critiques, and Acclaim

Enemy of God has received high praise from literary critics and readers alike. It has been praised for its meticulous attention to historical detail, its vivid and engaging characters, and its gripping storytelling. Bernard Cornwell’s masterful writing style and his ability to bring the Arthurian legends to life have garnered widespread acclaim.

While specific awards for Enemy of God may not have been highlighted, it is worth mentioning that the book is part of Cornwell’s acclaimed “The Warlord Chronicles” trilogy, which has collectively received significant recognition and numerous awards. This indicates the high caliber of Enemy of God and its place among the trilogy’s success.

Key Characters

Enemy of God features a rich cast of characters, each playing a critical role in the advancement of the narrative. Some key characters include:

Derfel Cadarn

The protagonist and narrator of the story, Derfel Cadarn is a skilled warrior and Arthur’s closest friend. He is torn between his loyalty to Arthur and his personal desires, making his journey emotionally compelling.


The enigmatic and charismatic leader of the British warband, Arthur is portrayed as a heroic figure wrestling with his own demons. He is driven by a desire to create a unified Britain and protect it from invading Saxon forces.


Nimue is a captivating sorceress who possesses the mystical sword Excalibur. She serves as Derfel’s love interest and aids him with her magical abilities in Arthur’s warband.


Morgause is Arthur’s half-sister, a powerful and cunning antagonist who seeks revenge against him. Her actions drive much of the conflict within the storyline.


Lancelot is a knight who turns against Arthur, betraying their friendship and causing further turmoil within Arthur’s warband. His character adds depth and intrigue to the overall plot.

These characters, along with their intricate relationships and complex motivations, contribute to the overall richness of Enemy of God’s narrative.

In Summary

Enemy of God is an enthralling historical fiction novel set in the Arthurian era. With its compelling plot, well-developed characters, and Cornwell’s impeccable storytelling, the book is highly regarded in the literary world. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction, Arthurian legends, or simply enjoy captivating and immersive storytelling, Enemy of God is a must-read for any literary enthusiast.

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