Every Dead Thing

Every Dead Thing is a thrilling crime novel written by John Connolly. It was first published in 1999 and marked the debut of the popular series featuring the haunted detective, Charlie Parker.

The Plot

The story revolves around Charlie Parker, a former New York City police officer who is now a private investigator. He is beset by tragedy as his wife and daughter become victims of a vicious serial killer known as the Traveling Man. Consumed by grief and a relentless thirst for revenge, Parker embarks on a dark and dangerous path to track down the killer and bring him to justice.

As Parker delves deeper into the investigation, he finds himself entangled in a web of darkness that goes far beyond his initial quest for vengeance. The supernatural, the occult, and an elusive secret society called The Believers all come into play as he uncovers a twisted conspiracy that threatens not only his own life but also the lives of those closest to him.

Awards and Recognition

Every Dead Thing received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, establishing John Connolly as a master of the crime thriller genre. The novel was nominated for numerous prestigious awards, including the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author.

Connolly’s vivid characterization, atmospheric writing, and ability to seamlessly blend elements of mystery, horror, and the supernatural have earned him a dedicated following of readers. Every Dead Thing set the stage for the subsequent novels in the Charlie Parker series, each one delving deeper into the dark and complex world of its central protagonist.

Key Characters

Every Dead Thing introduces readers to a host of compelling characters who inhabit Connolly’s dark universe. Some of the key characters in this novel include:

Charlie Parker:

The main protagonist, a haunted and relentless private investigator seeking justice for the murder of his wife and daughter.


A mysterious informant with connections to the criminal underworld, who provides Parker with crucial information throughout his investigation.


Parker’s loyal and imposing best friend, who lends both physical and emotional support during his quest for justice.

The Traveling Man:

A sadistic serial killer with a penchant for leaving gruesome displays of his victims’ remains.


In conclusion, Every Dead Thing is a gripping crime thriller that captivates readers with its atmospheric storytelling and complex characters. With its mix of suspense, horror, and supernatural elements, John Connolly crafts a truly unique reading experience. This first installment in the Charlie Parker series sets the stage for an ongoing saga of darkness, danger, and redemption.

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