Finding Audrey: A Brief Overview

Finding Audrey is a captivating young adult novel written by Sophie Kinsella. The book explores the story of a teenage girl named Audrey, who suffers from severe anxiety and depression after a traumatic bullying incident at her previous school. With its relatable characters and heartfelt narrative, Finding Audrey has gained substantial recognition within the literary community.

The Plot

The story revolves around Audrey Turner, a fourteen-year-old girl who prefers to wear dark sunglasses at all times, even indoors, due to her anxiety disorder. Audrey is unable to leave her house or engage in face-to-face conversations, causing her to withdraw from the outside world. As her mental health struggles persist, Audrey’s family becomes increasingly concerned.

Amidst her challenges, Audrey starts to make progress with the help of her brother’s friend, Linus. His friendship, support, and understanding begin to empower Audrey, helping her regain her self-confidence and navigate life’s obstacles. As their relationship deepens, Audrey gradually emerges from her shell and confronts the painful events that led to her anxiety disorder.

Praise and Recognition

Finding Audrey has received widespread acclaim for its realistic portrayal of mental health issues among teenagers. It has been praised for its sensitive approach to the topic, captivating storytelling, and the authenticity of its characters. Readers have applauded Sophie Kinsella for shedding light on the struggles faced by individuals with anxiety disorders.

The novel’s ability to resonate with its target audience and inspire empathy has garnered several awards and nominations. While Finding Audrey may not have received major literary honors, its impact on readers’ lives is evident through various independently organized recognition events.


1. Audrey Turner: The protagonist of the story, Audrey is a talented teenager whose life takes a turn after experiencing a traumatic bullying incident.

2. Linus: Audrey’s brother’s charismatic friend, Linus provides a vital support system for Audrey throughout her journey. His patience, kindness, and acceptance enable Audrey’s growth and emotional healing.

3. Frank Turner: Audrey’s father is a loving and supportive figure in her life. He often injects humor into the family dynamic, providing moments of laughter amidst the serious challenges they face together.

4. Anne Turner: Audrey’s mother plays a significant role in the story. She, too, demonstrates unwavering support for her daughter and actively seeks ways to help her overcome her anxieties.

The novel also introduces various secondary characters who contribute to the overall narrative, offering insight into Audrey’s life, past experiences, and present struggles.

Finding Audrey serves as an essential read for individuals interested in young adult literature, mental health awareness, and the journey of self-discovery. Sophie Kinsella’s ability to engage readers through her writing style and compassionate storytelling ensures a compelling and impactful experience.

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