Frost Burned

Frost Burned is a gripping novel written by Patricia Briggs, an acclaimed American author known for her urban fantasy series. Released in 2013, this book is a part of the hugely popular Mercy Thompson series, which follows the life and adventures of a shapeshifting mechanic named Mercy Thompson.

The Story

In Frost Burned, Mercy finds herself in the midst of yet another dangerous situation when her vampire friend Stefan and her stepdaughter Jesse are abducted. Determined to rescue them, Mercy embarks on a thrilling journey that takes her through the dark underworld of the supernatural community.

As she sets out to find her loved ones, Mercy discovers a diabolical plot that threatens not only the lives of those closest to her but also the delicate balance between humans and supernatural beings. With time running out, Mercy must rely on her shapeshifting abilities, intelligence, and allies to save her friends and prevent a catastrophic war.

Awards, Reviews, and Recognition

Frost Burned has received significant acclaim from critics and readers alike. Its compelling narrative, well-developed characters, and intricate plot have earned it a solid fan base and numerous positive reviews.

This book has been praised for its fast-paced action, engaging storytelling, and the author’s ability to seamlessly blend fantasy elements with real-world issues. It has been recognized as one of the standout novels in the Mercy Thompson series, offering a thrilling reading experience that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

While Frost Burned hasn’t received any major awards, it has consistently found a place on bestseller lists and has solidified Patricia Briggs’ position as one of the leading voices in urban fantasy and paranormal fiction.

Notable Characters

Mercy Thompson: As the protagonist of the series, Mercy is a shapeshifting mechanic with a strong sense of justice and an unwavering determination to protect her loved ones.

Adam Hauptman: Adam is Mercy’s husband, an alpha werewolf, and the leader of the local werewolf pack. He plays a significant role in supporting Mercy and helping her navigate the challenges they face together.

Jesse Hauptman: Jesse is Mercy’s stepdaughter and a constant source of love and inspiration for her. In Frost Burned, when Jesse gets kidnapped, Mercy’s fierce protectiveness for her stepdaughter drives her to take risks and fight against formidable adversaries.

Stefan: A vampire and one of Mercy’s closest friends, Stefan is captured along with Jesse. He provides invaluable knowledge and assistance throughout the story, offering a different perspective and a unique set of skills.

Samuel Cornick: Samuel is a werewolf and Mercy’s longtime friend. His unwavering loyalty and support make him a crucial ally in Mercy’s quest to rescue Jesse and Stefan.


In Frost Burned, Patricia Briggs skillfully weaves a captivating tale of danger, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of her beloved characters. This book, along with the entire Mercy Thompson series, is a must-read for fans of urban fantasy, offering a thrilling and immersive reading experience.

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