I Am the Cheese: A Glimpse into a Riveting Psychological Thriller


I Am the Cheese is a gripping psychological thriller written by Robert Cormier. With its unique narrative style and intricate plot, this novel has captivated readers since its publication in 1977. The book delves into the life of the protagonist, Adam Farmer, as he navigates through a tumultuous journey of self-discovery amidst a sinister web of secrets.

The Riveting Plot

The story of I Am the Cheese unfolds through a series of flashbacks and present-day events. Adam Farmer, a young boy, sets out on a bike trip to visit his father in another town. As he embarks on this seemingly innocent journey, he begins to unravel a mystery that shatters his perception of reality. Throughout the novel, Adam’s memories and experiences become increasingly fragmented, leaving both him and the readers in a state of constant uncertainty and suspense.

Adam’s bike odyssey becomes a metaphorical representation of his pursuit for truth and understanding. As he travels across various locations, memories from his past and his present existence intertwine, ultimately revealing a shocking revelation about his identity.

Awards and Critical Acclaim

I Am the Cheese has garnered widespread recognition for its exceptional writing and gripping storyline. The book received the esteemed Massachusetts Children’s Book Award in 1980 and was also named an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults.

Robert Cormier’s masterful storytelling, combined with his ability to tackle complex psychological themes, has earned him the praise and admiration of readers and critics alike. This novel stands as a testament to his extraordinary talent and is considered one of his most influential works in the genre of young adult literature.

Memorable Characters

I Am the Cheese introduces readers to a cast of intriguing characters whose lives are intricately connected within the twisted plot. Here are some notable figures:

Adam Farmer:

The protagonist; a young boy on a quest to uncover the truth about his identity and past.

Mother and Father:

Adam’s parents, who play crucial roles in the mystery surrounding his life.


An enigmatic character who conducts interviews with Adam, gradually revealing unsettling truths.

Amy Hertz:

A girl from Adam’s past who holds a significant place in his memories and understanding of himself.

Various Supporting Characters:

The novel also features a range of supporting characters, each contributing to the complex layers of the plot, while leaving readers questioning their true motives and allegiances.

The intricate web of relationships and interactions between these characters adds depth and dimension to the psychological landscape of the story, engaging readers on multiple levels.


I Am the Cheese is a riveting psychological thriller that explores themes of identity, truth, and the blurred line between reality and illusion. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and Cormier’s visionary storytelling, this novel continues to captivate readers and solidify its place as a staple in the world of young adult literature.

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