In this article, we will explore the intriguing book titled “Jackaby” and delve into its storyline, critical acclaim, notable characters, and more. “Jackaby” is a captivating piece of literature that has garnered attention from readers and critics alike, receiving various awards and accolades. So, let’s embark on this literary journey and uncover the enchanting world created by the author.

The Storyline

“Jackaby” is a thrilling mystery novel written by William Ritter. Set in 1892, the story follows the adventures of Abigail Rook, an intrepid young woman who finds herself in the bustling city of New Fiddleham. Abigail’s desire for exploration leads her to become an assistant to R. F. Jackaby, an eccentric paranormal detective with a remarkable gift for solving supernatural mysteries.

Together, Abigail and Jackaby find themselves entangled in a perplexing case involving a serial murderer who displays traits of both human and non-human creatures. As they navigate the treacherous streets of New Fiddleham, they encounter various mythical beings like banshees, shape-shifters, and even a fearsome creature from Scottish folklore.

As the investigation progresses, Abigail and Jackaby soon realize the severity of the situation. Their relentless pursuit of the truth leads them to face grave dangers, as they uncover a sinister plot that threatens both the human and supernatural realms.

Critical Acclaim

“Jackaby” has received widespread acclaim from critics for its captivating storytelling, well-developed characters, and seamless blending of historical elements with elements of the supernatural. Critics have praised William Ritter for his ability to create a vivid and immersive world that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

The novel has been commended for its unique narrative style, combining mystery, fantasy, and humor in a seamless manner. This distinctive approach has earned “Jackaby” a devoted fan base and critical recognition.

Awards and Recognition

Since its publication, “Jackaby” has received several prestigious awards and nominations. These accolades not only highlight the novel’s exceptional quality but also emphasize its impact on the literary community. Some of the notable accolades include:

1. William C. Morris YA Debut Award (2015)

“Jackaby” won the William C. Morris YA Debut Award in 2015, which recognizes the best young adult book published by a first-time author. This accolade signifies the novel’s remarkable literary achievement and solidifies its place among the most distinguished works in the young adult genre.

2. Edgar Allan Poe Award Nomination for Best Juvenile Mystery (2015)

The book was also nominated for the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery in 2015. This nomination further underscores the novel’s exceptional storytelling and its significance within the mystery genre.

Notable Characters

“Jackaby” introduces readers to a captivating cast of characters who play pivotal roles in the unfolding narrative. These characters possess unique traits and contribute to the overall charm of the story. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key personalities:

1. Abigail Rook

Abigail Rook is the courageous and determined protagonist of the story. Her audacity and thirst for adventure make her the perfect companion for Jackaby. Abigail’s perspective provides readers with insight into the world of paranormal investigations. As an assistant detective, she showcases intelligence, resourcefulness, and resilience.

2. R. F. Jackaby

The enigmatic character of R. F. Jackaby immediately captures readers’ attention. With his unconventional appearance and intuitive abilities, Jackaby stands out as a brilliant detective. His eccentricities and deep understanding of supernatural phenomena make him an indispensable asset in solving complex mysteries.

3. Jenny Cavanaugh

Jenny Cavanaugh is an important character in the “Jackaby” series. Though no longer alive, she plays a significant role in the story as a ghost. Jenny assists Abigail and Jackaby in their investigations by providing crucial information from the spirit realm. Her interactions with the living world add depth and intrigue to the narrative.


In conclusion, “Jackaby” is an enthralling novel that seamlessly weaves together elements of mystery, fantasy, and humor. Through its well-crafted storyline, memorable characters, and critical acclaim, this book has captivated the hearts of readers worldwide. If you’re a fan of thrilling adventures set in supernatural realms, “Jackaby” is a must-read. Embark on this extraordinary journey and let William Ritter’s vivid imagination transport you to the enchanting world of Abigail Rook and R. F. Jackaby.

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