Kidnapped: A Tale of Adventure and Intrigue

Kidnapped is a classic adventure novel written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. First published in 1886, the book has captivated readers for generations with its thrilling storyline and well-developed characters. Set in 18th-century Scotland, it tells the tale of a young man named David Balfour and his adventures after being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

The Plot

The story begins when David Balfour, a seventeen-year-old orphan, sets out to meet his wealthy uncle, Ebenezer Balfour, at the House of Shaws. Little does David know that his uncle has sinister plans for him. Upon his arrival, David discovers that his uncle wants him out of the way to claim his inheritance and, fearing for his life, he escapes to the city of Edinburgh.

While in Edinburgh, David finds himself caught up in political unrest and witnesses a murder. He seeks refuge with a friend, Alan Breck Stewart, a Jacobite, and together they embark on a dangerous journey across the Scottish Highlands. David’s primary goal is to prove his innocence and reclaim his rightful inheritance.

Their journey is filled with perilous adventures, including treacherous encounters with spies, shipwrecks, and narrow escapes from capture. Along the way, David and Alan form a strong bond and face numerous challenges together, testing their resilience and resourcefulness.

Accolades and Critic Reviews

Kidnapped has received widespread critical acclaim since its publication. The novel has been praised for its vivid portrayal of the Scottish landscape, its immersive storytelling, and its well-rounded characters.

Over the years, Kidnapped has been recognized with several awards and nominations. Although the book itself did not receive any awards at the time of its release, it has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with readers around the world.

Memorable Characters

Kidnapped introduces readers to a range of memorable characters, each playing a significant role in David’s journey:

1. David Balfour

The protagonist of the story, David is a young man who encounters numerous challenges and must rely on his wits and newfound skills to navigate through dangerous situations.

2. Alan Breck Stewart

Alan is a Jacobite and becomes David’s loyal companion. He is fiercely independent and exudes bravery in the face of adversity.

3. Ebenezer Balfour

Distant relative and unexpected antagonist, Ebenezer plays a pivotal role in the story by orchestrating David’s kidnapping and attempted murder.

4. Captain Hoseason

A ship captain who plays a crucial role in David’s initial abduction. He represents the unscrupulous individuals who profit from the slave trade.

5. James Stewart

Sometimes referred to as “James of the Glens,” he is a key figure in the Jacobite movement and plays a vital role in David’s quest for justice.


The timeless adventure of Kidnapped takes readers on a thrilling journey through the Scottish Highlands, filled with suspense, danger, and unexpected friendships. Stevenson’s masterful storytelling and well-drawn characters continue to make this novel a beloved classic in the world of literature.

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