Kill the Boy Band is a popular novel written by Goldy Moldavsky. In this thrilling story, the author takes readers on a wild adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns.

The Plot

The book revolves around a group of four fangirls named Apple, Erin, Isabel, and Taylor, who are obsessed with a fictional British boy band called “The Ruperts.” These girls have dedicated their lives to everything related to the band, from attending concerts to following their social media updates.

One day, the girls come up with a daring plan to meet the band. They decide to break into the luxury hotel where The Ruperts are staying and, in the heat of the moment, things go terribly wrong. They accidentally kidnap one of the band members, Rupert P., and chaos ensues.

Awards, Reviews, and Criticisms

Kill the Boy Band has received widespread acclaim from both readers and critics alike. The novel’s unique and darkly humorous take on fandom culture has been praised for its refreshing and thought-provoking narrative. While it hasn’t received any major literary awards, it has gained a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

Praise for Kill the Boy Band

The novel has been praised for its clever and witty writing style, its ability to satirize fandom culture while also highlighting the emotional complexities of its characters.

“Moldavsky effortlessly captures the excitement, obsession, and unpredictable nature of fandom in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The characters are relatable, and the story kept me hooked until the very end.” – Goodreads Review

“Kill the Boy Band is a refreshing take on contemporary young adult literature. Moldavsky skillfully weaves together a thrilling plot with a deep exploration of fandom culture, resulting in a truly unforgettable reading experience.” – Book Review Magazine

Important Characters

Apple: One of the main protagonists, Apple is a die-hard fangirl with an undying love for The Ruperts. She is the mastermind behind the kidnapping plan.

Erin: Erin is a member of the group who initially questions the morality of their plan but eventually agrees to go along with it. She provides a voice of reason throughout the story.

Isabel: Isabel is the most assertive and outspoken member of the group. She is known for her strong opinions and determination to get what she wants.

Taylor: Taylor is the youngest member of the group and is often portrayed as the innocent and naive one, ultimately causing some unexpected consequences.

Rupert P.: The unfortunate band member who gets kidnapped by the fangirls. Though initially terrified, he forms an unlikely bond with the girls as they spend more time together.


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