Kissing in America: A Brief and Captivating Story

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The Synopsis

“Kissing in America” is a captivating novel that takes the readers on a journey of self-discovery, love, and the complexities of relationships. Written by renowned author Margo Rabb, this young adult fiction follows the life of Evie, a teenage girl with an avid interest in romance and true love.

The story begins with a tragic incident that shatters Evie’s world – the loss of her father. Struggling with grief, Evie immerses herself in romance novels, using them as a means to escape reality and find solace. However, she soon realizes that life isn’t a fairytale.

Driven by her desire to experience a love story of her own, Evie sets off on a remarkable journey with her best friend, Stella. The two embark on a road trip across America, hoping to meet and reconnect with Evie’s long-distance pen pal, who goes by the intriguing name of X. Along the way, they encounter captivating individuals, face unexpected challenges, and uncover the truth about love and loss.

Awards, Reviews, and Praises

“Kissing in America” has garnered significant attention since its publication, receiving critical acclaim and amassing a dedicated following. The novel has been recognized for its captivating storytelling and relatable characters.

It was nominated for several prestigious awards and won the 2016 National Jewish Book Award for Children’s Literature. Margo Rabb’s exceptional writing style and the heartfelt portrayal of emotions have resonated with many readers, earning the book a place on numerous “must-read” lists.

This remarkable novel has also received glowing reviews from critics and readers alike. Publishers Weekly praised the book, calling it “an emotionally charged and enthralling coming-of-age story.” The New York Times Book Review described it as a “touching and beautifully written exploration of grief, friendship, and the transformative power of love.”

Memorable Characters

Within the pages of “Kissing in America,” readers will encounter a range of memorable characters:


The protagonist of the novel, Evie, is a relatable and determined young girl who learns valuable lessons of love, loss, and resilience throughout her journey.


Evie’s best friend, Stella, accompanies her on the road trip. Stella brings a humorous and light-hearted element to the story, offering unwavering support to Evie as they navigate their way through teenage life.


X, Evie’s pen pal, remains a mysterious figure throughout a significant portion of the story. The search for X is the driving force behind the protagonists’ cross-country adventure, making this character intriguing and enigmatic.


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