Look Me in the Eye: A Brief Overview

Look Me in the Eye is a compelling autobiographical book written by John Elder Robison. Published in 2007, this book offers a unique perspective on the author’s life as he navigates the challenges of living with Asperger’s syndrome.


John Elder Robison, an American author and advocate for people with autism spectrum disorders, provides readers with an intimate look into his life in Look Me in the Eye. Robison was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the age of 40, which added a new layer of understanding to the challenges he faced throughout his earlier years.

The Story Unveiled

In Look Me in the Eye, Robison takes readers on a journey through his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, sharing his experiences and unique perspective on the world. The book delves into his struggles to fit into societal norms, his passion for fixing and tinkering with electronics, and his eventual success as a talented sound engineer for bands such as KISS and Pink Floyd.

Robison also sheds light on his complicated relationship with his family, particularly his troubled relationship with his abusive father and his estranged brother, Augusten Burroughs, a renowned memoirist. Through his storytelling, Robison reveals the pain, triumphs, and challenges he faced while trying to understand himself and navigate a neurotypical world that often left him feeling isolated.

Awards, Reviews, and Praise

Look Me in the Eye has received widespread acclaim since its publication, both from critics and readers alike. The book’s honest and engaging storytelling has resonated with many, earning it a variety of awards and recognition.

Some of the notable accolades include:

– New York Times Bestseller

– Borders Original Voices Award Finalist

– Books for a Better Life Award Finalist

The book has received positive reviews highlighting its authenticity, thought-provoking narrative, and Robison’s ability to shed light on the experiences of individuals with Asperger’s syndrome. It has been praised for raising awareness about neurodiversity and promoting empathy and understanding.

Key Characters

Throughout the book, several key characters shape the author’s journey:

1. John Elder Robison: The protagonist and author of Look Me in the Eye.

2. Augusten Burroughs: Robison’s estranged brother and a well-known memoirist.

3. Father: Robison’s abusive and authoritarian father, whose actions greatly affected the author’s upbringing.

4. Mother: Robison’s loving and supportive mother, who provided stability and understanding amidst the family’s challenges.

5. Sound Engineering Colleagues: Individuals who recognized Robison’s talent and helped him establish a successful career in sound engineering.


In Look Me in the Eye, readers gain valuable insights into the life of John Elder Robison, a man who overcame numerous obstacles while living with Asperger’s syndrome. Through his raw and honest storytelling, Robison offers a powerful narrative that both educates and inspires.

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