Lost Light: A Brief Overview

Lost Light is a captivating book written by Michael Connelly, a renowned author in the crime fiction genre. This thrilling novel takes readers on a gripping journey through the world of Harry Bosch, a relentless detective determined to uncover the truth.

The Plot

The story of Lost Light revolves around Harry Bosch, a seasoned Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective who has recently retired. Despite leaving the force, Harry cannot let go of a case from several years ago that has haunted him ever since. The unsolved murder of a young woman, Angella Benton, continues to linger in Harry’s mind.

Driven by his obsession with justice, Harry embarks on a personal investigation into Angella’s murder, though he faces numerous obstacles along the way. As he delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of corruption, deceit, and betrayal that extends far beyond what he anticipated.

Guided by his sharp instincts and unwavering determination, Harry navigates the dark underbelly of the Los Angeles criminal underworld. He discovers surprising connections between Angella’s murder and a high-profile celebrity trial that took place years ago. What initially seemed like a straightforward case quickly becomes a complex puzzle that pushes Harry to his limits.

Awards, Reviews, and Reception

Lost Light received widespread critical acclaim upon its release and solidified Michael Connelly’s reputation as a master storyteller. The novel showcases Connelly’s ability to craft intricate plots and multi-dimensional characters, captivating readers from start to finish.

While Lost Light didn’t receive any specific literary awards, it received high praise from renowned publications and critics. It was particularly lauded for its realistic portrayal of police investigation procedures and the complex moral dilemmas faced by law enforcement.

The novel’s cleverly woven plot, filled with unexpected twists and turns, kept readers on the edge of their seats. Connelly’s writing style, characterized by its precise attention to detail, further enhanced the overall reading experience.

Memorable Characters

Lost Light introduces readers to a host of memorable characters who play pivotal roles in the story:

Harry Bosch

The protagonist of Lost Light, Harry Bosch, is a skilled and relentless detective. Despite his flaws and the internal demons that haunt him, Bosch is driven by a strong sense of justice. His unwavering determination to solve Angella’s murder leads him down a dangerous path where he must confront both professional and personal challenges.

Terry McCaleb

Terry McCaleb, a retired FBI profiler, appears as an important character in Lost Light. Bosch seeks his assistance in unraveling the complex case, relying on McCaleb’s expertise and experience in criminal profiling.

Jerry Edgar

Jerry Edgar, Bosch’s former partner at the LAPD, also plays a significant role. Despite their occasional conflicts, the relationship between Bosch and Edgar is filled with camaraderie and mutual respect. Edgar’s insights and support prove crucial in Bosch’s quest for the truth.


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