Love Letters to the Dead: A Powerful Tale of Love and Loss


Love Letters to the Dead is a captivating novel that takes readers on an emotional journey through the life of the protagonist, Laurel. Written by Ava Dellaira, this popular book explores themes of love, grief, self-discovery, and overcoming the pain of losing someone dear. With its engaging storytelling and relatable characters, Love Letters to the Dead has captivated the hearts of many readers worldwide.

The Storyline

In Love Letters to the Dead, readers follow the story of Laurel, a high school student who is grappling with the death of her sister May. As part of an English class assignment, Laurel begins writing letters to famous dead people, such as Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Amelia Earhart, as a way to cope with her loss.

Through these letters, Laurel opens up about her own struggles, fears, and desires. She delves into her complicated relationship with her sister, her bond with her best friend Natalie, and her developing feelings for a charismatic boy named Sky. As the story unfolds, Laurel embarks on a journey of self-discovery, confronting painful truths about herself and those she holds dear.

Awards, Reviews, and Praises

Love Letters to the Dead has garnered critical acclaim and received numerous awards in the literary world. The novel has been praised for its poignant storytelling, raw emotions, and relatable characters. It has touched the hearts of many readers, earning a special place on bookshelves worldwide.

Some of the awards and recognitions received by Love Letters to the Dead include:

  • Best Fiction for Young Adults
  • Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Novel
  • Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Books of the Year

This recognition highlights the exceptional quality of Love Letters to the Dead and solidifies its status as a must-read book for literature enthusiasts.

Memorable Characters

1. Laurel

Laurel, the protagonist, is a complex and relatable character. Readers witness her transformation from a grieving sister to an individual who learns to navigate her pain and find her own voice. Her introspective nature and candid thoughts make her a compelling character.

2. May

May, Laurel’s late sister, remains a significant presence throughout the story. Through flashbacks and memories, readers get to know May and understand the depth of her impact on Laurel’s life. May’s character adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

3. Natalie

Natalie, Laurel’s best friend, provides crucial support and companionship during her journey. Their friendship highlights the importance of having a strong support system, even in the darkest of times.

4. Sky

Sky is a charismatic and enigmatic character who captures Laurel’s heart. His presence in the story adds a layer of romance and helps Laurel explore her feelings of love and vulnerability.


Love Letters to the Dead is a captivating novel that takes readers on a heartfelt journey through love, loss, and self-discovery. With its well-developed characters and emotionally charged storyline, the book has received critical acclaim and won prestigious awards. The tale of Laurel and her exploration of grief and healing is a testament to the power of literature to touch the hearts of readers. Love Letters to the Dead is a must-read for those seeking a profound and moving literary experience.

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