Magician: Master

Magician: Master is the second novel in the Riftwar Saga written by Raymond E. Feist. This epic fantasy book was published in 1982 and continues the story of Pug, a young orphan who becomes a powerful magician. Set in a richly detailed world called Midkemia, the novel takes readers on an exhilarating adventure filled with magic, war, and intrigue.

Plot Summary

In Magician: Master, Pug embarks on a journey to the distant land of Kelewan after successfully completing his apprenticeship. However, he soon finds himself captured by the Tsurani, a mysterious race of conquerors. Pug’s magical abilities catch the attention of the Tsurani nobles, and he is thrust into their political games and conflicts.

As Pug navigates the complex Tsurani society, he discovers the threat that the Tsurani Empire poses to his homeland, Midkemia. With the help of his mentor, Kulgan, and new allies, Pug must find a way to escape from captivity and warn Midkemia of the impending danger. Along the way, he learns more about his own powers and the true nature of magic.

Awards, Reviews, and Accolades

Magician: Master received critical acclaim upon its release and has since become a beloved classic in the fantasy genre. While it didn’t receive specific individual awards, the Riftwar Saga as a whole has garnered praise for its world-building, character development, and intricate plot.

Readers and critics alike appreciate Raymond E. Feist’s ability to create a compelling and immersive story. The novel’s seamless blend of action, adventure, and magic keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. It is praised for its intricate plotting, richly imagined setting, and well-developed characters.

Key Characters

Magician: Master introduces several important characters who play significant roles in the story:

  1. Pug: The protagonist of the series, Pug is a young magician with immense potential. Throughout the novel, he undergoes personal growth and discovers the true extent of his powers.
  2. Kulgan: Pug’s mentor and a respected magician. Kulgan guides Pug in his magical training and provides valuable wisdom and advice.
  3. Milamber: Pug’s Tsurani name, given to him during his captivity. Under this name, Pug gains influence among the Tsurani and becomes entangled in their political machinations.
  4. Queen Aglaranna: The ruler of the Elven Court, she plays a crucial role in the ongoing conflicts between Midkemia and the Tsurani Empire.
  5. Prince Arutha: A key figure in the defense of Midkemia, Prince Arutha faces numerous challenges as he tries to protect his kingdom.


Magician: Master is a gripping and intricately woven tale that captivates readers with its vivid world-building, engaging characters, and thrilling plot twists. It explores themes of power, destiny, and the consequences of choices. The novel continues to be highly regarded within the fantasy genre, entertaining and inspiring readers across the world.

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