Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror – A Brief Summary of the Book

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror is an enthralling adventure novel written by author Steve Alten. It follows the gripping story of an enormous prehistoric shark, called Megalodon, which resurfaces from the depths of the ocean to terrorize mankind once again.

The Premise

The book starts with a prologue set 2.6 million years ago, introducing the Megalodon as the biggest predator to ever exist. Fast forward to present day, the protagonist, Jonas Taylor, is a former deep-sea submersible pilot haunted by a tragic encounter with a Megalodon that resulted in the death of his crew as well as his reputation.

When a deep-sea research team accidentally awakens the monstrous creature, Jonas Taylor is called back into action to confront his fears and save humanity from the ultimate predator. As the Megalodon rampages through the ocean, bringing destruction in its wake, Jonas embarks on a dangerous quest to stop the unstoppable.

Awards, Reviews, and Praise

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror has garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base since its release. It has been praised for its high-stakes action, thrilling plot twists, and well-developed characters.

The book has received various awards and nominations, including the Best Adventure Thriller Novel award. Steve Alten’s meticulous research and attention to detail in crafting the ancient beast have been widely applauded by both readers and literary critics alike.

Important Characters

Jonas Taylor: The protagonist of the story, Jonas is a skilled deep-sea diver haunted by his past encounter with the Megalodon. He is determined to stop the creature and confront his own demons.

Mac McCormick: A marine biologist and Jonas’s love interest, Mac provides crucial knowledge and support throughout the intense battle against the Megalodon.

Terry Tanaka: A wealthy Japanese businessman and deep-sea enthusiast, Terry funds the expedition to study the Megalodon. However, his ulterior motives become apparent as the story progresses.

David Heron: A veteran deep-sea submersible pilot and Jonas’s former colleague, David plays a significant role in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Megalodon’s return.


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