Moon Over Manifest – A Brief Overview of the Book

Moon Over Manifest is a thought-provoking and enchanting novel written by Clare Vanderpool. First published in 2010, this captivating story takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through time, as the protagonist uncovers a hidden past and unravels a mysterious era in the history of a small town.

The Storyline:

The book is set in Manifest, Kansas, alternating between two timelines: 1936 and 1918. The narrative revolves around twelve-year-old Abilene Tucker, who is sent by her father to spend the summer in the town where he grew up. Upon arrival, Abilene discovers an old box filled with mementos and letters, leading her to embark on an adventure to uncover the truth about the people and events that shaped Manifest.

Exploring History and Identity:

Moon Over Manifest delves into themes of heritage, identity, and the power of storytelling. Through Abilene’s perspective, readers are transported to the past, exploring the experiences of immigrants, soldiers, and individuals who defined Manifest’s history during the Great War and The Great Depression.

Notable Characters:

• Abilene Tucker – The spirited and inquisitive twelve-year-old protagonist who unravels the secrets of Manifest.

• Shady Howard – A mysterious diviner who becomes an unexpected ally to Abilene.

• Jinx – A resourceful and kind young boy who develops a close friendship with Abilene.

• Miss Sadie – An eccentric fortune teller who shares her stories and wisdom with Abilene, linking the past and present.

Awards and Recognition:

Moon Over Manifest has received numerous accolades for its compelling narrative and rich storytelling. Some of the notable awards and honors include:

• Newbery Medal – In 2011, Clare Vanderpool was awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal, which recognizes excellence in children’s literature.

• Kansas State Reading Circle List Selection – The book was selected for the Kansas State Reading Circle List, further cementing its relevance and appeal.

Reader and Critical Reception:

Since its publication, Moon Over Manifest has garnered positive feedback from readers and critics alike. The book’s ability to captivate both young and adult audiences has contributed to its success. Reviewers have praised Vanderpool’s evocative storytelling, well-developed characters, and seamless shifts between the two timelines.

The novel’s exploration of history, identity, and the importance of community has struck a chord with readers, making Moon Over Manifest a beloved piece of literature within the niche of those interested in various reading formats, including physical books, audiobooks, e-books, and podcasts.

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