Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express is a renowned detective novel written by Agatha Christie, one of the most famous and respected authors in the mystery genre. First published in 1934, this compelling story takes place on the luxurious Orient Express train, famous for its opulence and glamor.

The Plot

The plot revolves around the murder of a wealthy American businessman named Samuel Ratchett. The intriguing part is that the murder takes place in a locked compartment, leaving everyone on the train as a potential suspect. The famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, who happens to be on board, takes charge of the investigation and starts unraveling the mystery.

Awards and Recognition

Murder on the Orient Express has received numerous accolades over the years. Agatha Christie’s exceptional storytelling skills and the unique plot earned the novel critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. The book was so well-received that it was awarded the prestigious Anthony Award for Best Novel of the Century.

Critics’ Reviews

Critics have showered Murder on the Orient Express with praise, acknowledging its brilliant twist ending and Christie’s ability to keep readers guessing until the final pages. The novel’s intricate plot and well-developed characters have been commended as the key factors behind its success. Many critics consider it one of Agatha Christie’s finest works.

Memorable Characters

Apart from Hercule Poirot, who remains a timeless and beloved character throughout Christie’s novels, Murder on the Orient Express introduces a diverse range of intriguing individuals. Each character has a unique backstory and motive, making for an engaging and suspenseful read. Notable characters include:

  • Ratchett – The murder victim, a wealthy and somewhat mysterious American businessman.
  • Princess Dragomiroff – A regal and enigmatic Russian princess who adds an air of intrigue to the story.
  • Colonel Arbuthnot – A military officer traveling on the train, with a secretive past.
  • Mary Debenham – A young and independent woman caught in the midst of the murder investigation.
  • Greta Ohlsson – A timid and nervous Swedish woman who plays a crucial role in the plot.

These characters, among others, bring depth and complexity to Murder on the Orient Express.


In conclusion, Murder on the Orient Express is a masterpiece of mystery literature, captivating readers from the first page to the last. With its intriguing plot, memorable characters, and Agatha Christie’s exceptional storytelling skills, it has rightfully earned its place as one of the most iconic detective novels of all time.

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