People of Sparks – Book Review

About the Book – People of Sparks

People of Sparks is a captivating novel written by Jeanne DuPrau. This book is the sequel to the acclaimed post-apocalyptic story, The City of Ember. Jeanne DuPrau, famously known for her dystopian stories, explores the challenges faced by a group of people who struggle to survive in a world destroyed by catastrophes.

The Storyline

In People of Sparks, the story picks up from where The City of Ember left off. After escaping the dying city of Ember, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, the young protagonists, find themselves in a completely unknown and strange landscape known as the Unknown Regions.

The transition from the underground city of Ember to the surface is not an easy one for Lina and Doon. They are welcomed by the inhabitants of Sparks, a small and struggling village. However, the people of Sparks are initially hesitant to accept the Ember refugees due to the limited resources and a fear of the unknown.

As the story unfolds, the author beautifully delves into the dynamics between the newcomers and the Sparks inhabitants. The book explores themes of survival, community, and finding common ground. Jeanne DuPrau raises questions about how different communities can come together and function as a cohesive unit.

Awards, Critiques, and Praise

Since its publication, People of Sparks has received widespread acclaim for its thought-provoking narrative and well-developed characters. The book has captured the attention of both young adult and adult readers, earning it a spot on numerous bestseller lists.

The novel has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by civilizations trying to rebuild after an apocalypse. DuPrau’s attention to detail and intricate world-building contribute to creating an immersive reading experience.

Although People of Sparks hasn’t received any specific literary awards, it has garnered positive reviews from renowned critics. The book’s ability to engage readers in discussions about societal intricacies, empathy, and unity makes it a valuable addition to the genre of dystopian literature.

Important Characters

The People of Sparks introduces readers to several vital characters who play significant roles in the story:

  • Lina Mayfleet – A courageous and resourceful young girl from Ember.
  • Doon Harrow – Lina’s loyal friend and companion on their journey.
  • Mayor Cole – The leader of Sparks, who faces the challenge of accommodating the newcomers while protecting his own people.
  • Tick Hassler – A curious boy who embarks on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Unknown Regions.
  • Torren – A young boy who struggles to adapt to his new surroundings and finds solace in art.


With its captivating storyline, engrossing characters, and themes of community and survival, People of Sparks continues the compelling narrative of The City of Ember. Jeanne DuPrau’s ability to create powerful and SEO-optimized glossaries provides invaluable resources for literature enthusiasts interested in exploring books, audiobooks, e-books, and podcasts in the realm of literature.

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