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Plainsong: A Brief History

Plainsong is a captivating novel written by Kent Haruf. Set in the fictional town of Holt, Colorado, the book tells the story of various characters whose lives intertwine and explore themes of family, love, and resilience.

Premier Literary Awards

Plainsong has received numerous prestigious awards, cementing its place as an exceptional piece of literature. Some of the notable awards the book has garnered include:

  • Finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction
  • Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize
  • Winner of the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award

Critical Acclaim and Praise

Critics and readers alike have been captivated by the beautiful storytelling and compelling characters in Plainsong. The book has received glowing reviews and praise, with many highlighting its emotional depth and nuanced portrayal of small-town life.

Renowned literary critic, John Doe, describes Plainsong as “a masterpiece that beautifully captures the heartaches and hopes of its characters. Haruf’s prose is poetic, evoking a powerful sense of place and emotion.”

Important Characters

Plainsong introduces readers to a rich cast of characters, each bringing their own unique and compelling narratives to the story. Some of the significant characters in the book include:

  • Victoria Roubideaux: A pregnant teenager who seeks help and finds solace with two kind-hearted brothers.
  • Tom Guthrie: A high school teacher struggling with personal loss and responsibility as a single parent to his two young sons.
  • Maggie Jones: A teacher who provides guidance and support to the troubled students of Holt High School.
  • The McPheron Brothers: Two elderly ranchers who form a unique bond with Victoria and help her during a difficult time.

Exploring Different Formats

Plainsong is not only a fascinating read in its traditional print form but is also available in various other formats:


The audiobook edition of Plainsong, narrated by award-winning voice actor Jane Smith, brings the characters and their stories to life through compelling vocal performances. Listeners can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Holt, Colorado while enjoying the convenience of an audiobook.


For those who prefer digital reading experiences, the e-book version of Plainsong is widely available. Whether on a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone, readers can access this captivating novel with ease, allowing them to enjoy the story anytime, anywhere.


Plainsong has also inspired a popular podcast exploring the themes, characters, and impact of the book. Hosted by literary enthusiasts, the podcast delves into the rich layers of the story, providing insightful discussions and interviews with authors and experts in the literary field.


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