The Book: Pure Drivel

Pure Drivel is a collection of humorous essays by the renowned American author and humorist, Steve Martin. Originally published in 1998, this book showcases Martin’s witty and offbeat writing style, offering readers a delightful blend of absurdity and satire.


In Pure Drivel, Steve Martin takes his readers on a hilarious journey through various aspects of everyday life. From witty observations on pop culture and celebrity to satirical explorations of society’s idiosyncrasies, Martin’s essays are a witty and thought-provoking commentary on the human experience.

Awards and Recognition

While Pure Drivel may not have received major literary awards, it has gained considerable acclaim and appreciation from both readers and critics alike. The book is widely regarded for its clever and comical insights, solidifying Steve Martin’s reputation as a master of comedic writing.

Notable Essays

1. “Side Effects” – In this essay, Martin humorously discusses the bizarre side effects listed on medication labels and imagines even more absurd possibilities.

2. “Writing Is Easy!” – Martin playfully pokes fun at the process of writing, highlighting the challenges and pitfalls many writers face.

3. “Charlie’s Telescope” – This essay takes a humorous look at a situation where a boy’s fantastical imagination causes confusions and comical misunderstandings.

4. “The Death of My Father” – Delving into a more personal and reflective tone, Martin shares his poignant and comical experiences during his father’s passing, showcasing his unique ability to find humor in even the most somber moments.


While Pure Drivel is a collection of essays rather than a novel with recurring characters, Steve Martin’s distinct voice and perspective serve as the driving force behind each piece. His ability to craft relatable and amusing anecdotes allows readers to connect with the situations and characters he presents.


Pure Drivel is a must-read for fans of Steve Martin and anyone who enjoys intelligent and entertaining humor. With its outstanding writing and amusing insights, this collection of essays demonstrates why Martin is regarded as one of the greatest comedic minds of our time.

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