Sarum: A Brief History of the Book

Sarum is a highly acclaimed historical novel written by Edward Rutherfurd. Set in the diverse and captivating region of Salisbury, England, the book explores the city’s rich history spanning over 10,000 years. With its deep-rooted connections to Stonehenge, its stunning cathedral, and the people who shaped its destiny, Sarum presents an engaging narrative that spans generation after generation.

The Plot

Sarum takes readers on an immersive journey through time, tracing the lives and stories of several families across different periods. Rutherfurd skillfully weaves various plotlines together, showcasing the intricate tapestry of Salisbury’s history. From the Stone Age to the present day, readers witness the struggles, triumphs, love affairs, betrayals, and rivalries that have shaped the city’s destiny over centuries.

Awards, Critiques, and Praise

Sarum was published in 1987 and has since received widespread acclaim. Although it did not win any literary awards, it garnered enormous praise from both critics and readers alike for its meticulously researched historical accuracy and compelling storytelling. The book’s intricate plot, complex characters, and vivid descriptions have captivated readers worldwide.

Key Characters

Sarum introduces readers to a wide cast of characters, each playing a significant role in the city’s history. Here are some key individuals:

1. Godwin: The Stone Age Hunter

Godwin symbolizes the earliest inhabitants of the Salisbury area, providing a glimpse into the lives of those who lived during the Neolithic era.

2. Serlo: The Norman Knight

Serlo represents the Norman conquerors and their influence in shaping Salisbury in the medieval period.

3. John Wilson: The Tudor Entrepreneur

John Wilson highlights the emergence of commerce and trade as Salisbury thrived during the Tudor era.

4. Augusta Oldfield: The Victorian Aristocrat

Augusta Oldfield portrays the lives of the wealthy Victorian elite, their social dynamics, and the impact of industrialization on Salisbury.

5. Sam and Martin Shockley: The Modern Generation

Sam and Martin Shockley round off the story by representing the challenges faced by the modern generation in Salisbury, showcasing the city’s transformation into a bustling metropolis.


Sarum is a testament to Edward Rutherfurd’s ability to bring history to life through fiction. With its powerfully optimized glossaries and captivating storytelling techniques, the book has proven highly successful in ranking well on Google for literature enthusiasts interested in various formats like books, audiobooks, eBooks, and podcasts.

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