Shadows Linger: A Brief Summary of the Book

Shadows Linger is an exceptionally captivating work that belongs to the fantasy genre. It is the second installment in the critically acclaimed and highly influential The Black Company series, written by renowned author Glen Cook. Published in 1984, this novel continues to enthrall readers with its dark storyline and complex characters.

The Storyline

Shadows Linger takes place in a world engulfed by war, chaos, and ancient sorcery. The story follows the eponymous Black Company, a band of mercenaries and soldiers for hire. Led by their enigmatic and brooding captain, Croaker, the Black Company finds themselves embroiled in a series of treacherous encounters.

The plot revolves around a malevolent entity known as the Dominator, a once-powerful sorcerer who seeks to regain his former glory by awakening his dark powers. As the Black Company becomes entangled in the Dominator’s malefic plan, they are forced to confront demonic creatures, political intrigues, and the harsh realities of war. Will they manage to thwart the Dominator’s ambitions and restore peace to the land, or will they succumb to the ever-looming shadows?

Praise, Critiques, and Awards

Shadows Linger has garnered significant attention since its release. Praised for its gritty portrayal of dark fantasy, it has become a definitive work in the genre. Glen Cook’s masterful storytelling and nuanced characterizations have been lauded by both critics and readers alike. The book has been commended for its intricate world-building, realistic dialogue, and intense action sequences.

The novel received the prestigious British Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1985, cementing its status as a must-read for fans of the genre. Shadows Linger has also received numerous positive reviews from prominent literary publications, solidifying its reputation as a remarkable addition to the fantasy canon.

Important Characters

Shadows Linger introduces readers to a multitude of compelling and memorable characters. Here are a few key figures that play significant roles in the book:

  • Croaker: The captain of the Black Company, known for his astute observations and unwavering loyalty.
  • Goblin: A mysterious, shape-shifting entity who joins the Black Company, harboring his own secrets.
  • One-Eye and Tom-Tom: Twin mages inseparable in both life and strife, known for their exceptional magical abilities.
  • The Lady: An enigmatic sorceress commanding great power, who manipulates events from the shadows.


Shadows Linger is a riveting fantasy novel that continues to captivate readers with its enthralling storyline, rich character development, and dark undertones. Glen Cook successfully creates a world that resonates with audiences, combining elements of war, magic, and humanity’s struggle for survival. With its awards, accolades, and vibrant cast of characters, Shadows Linger stands as a testament to Glen Cook’s exceptional storytelling prowess.

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