Until Tuesday is a heartwarming memoir written by Luis Carlos Montalván, an Iraq War veteran, and Bret Witter. This book highlights the extraordinary bond between Luis and his service dog, Tuesday, who helped him overcome the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and reestablish normalcy in his life. Through vivid storytelling, Montalván narrates his struggles, journey, and ultimate triumph with the unwavering support of Tuesday, turning their story into an inspiration for countless individuals.

The Story

The narrative revolves around Luis Montalván’s life as an army captain in the United States Army, his deployment in Iraq, and the life-altering physical and mental consequences he experienced upon returning home. Montalván vividly describes the trauma he endured during his military service and how it caused severe anxiety, depression, and a loss of purpose in his civilian life.

Feeling overwhelmed and desperate for help, Montalván is introduced to a golden retriever named Tuesday, who is trained as a service dog. Throughout the book, Montalván highlights the transformative power of their bond, as Tuesday becomes an essential part of his journey to recovery.

With Tuesday’s unconditional love, loyalty, and ability to sense Montalván’s emotional distress, the duo embarks on various adventures and encounters, gradually helping the war veteran regain his confidence, independence, and desire to live a fulfilling life. Tuesday’s presence empowers Montalván, providing him with the strength to face his internal battles while offering stability and companionship.

Awards, Reviews, and Receptions

Until Tuesday has garnered significant acclaim since its publication. The book received various awards and recognition for its powerful narrative, shedding light on the challenges faced by veterans and the healing potential of service dogs.


– 2011 American Society of Journalists and Authors Outstanding Book Award

– 2011 Christopher Award for Adult Books

– 2011 Independent Publisher Book (IPPY) Awards Gold Medal in Autobiography/Memoir category

Reviews and Receptions:

Until Tuesday has been praised by both readers and critics for its emotional impact and striking portrayal of the realities of living with PTSD.

According to Publishers Weekly, the book “unflinchingly exposes the perils of war and bureaucracy while also celebrating the healing power of love and faith.” The New York Times described it as a “remarkable story of resilience, friendship, and love.”

Readers have found Montalván’s storytelling captivating, often connecting with the emotional journey depicted in the book. Until Tuesday has inspired many individuals and raised awareness about the challenges faced by veterans and the importance of service dogs in aiding their recovery.

Key Characters

1. Luis Carlos Montalván – The author and Iraq War veteran who battles PTSD and finds hope and healing through his relationship with Tuesday.

2. Tuesday – A golden retriever and trained service dog who becomes Montalván’s faithful companion and source of emotional support.

3. The Montalván Family – Luis’s supportive family who stand by him throughout his struggles and recovery.

4. Montalván’s Fellow Veterans – Other soldiers suffering from similar experiences, who provide a shared understanding and sense of camaraderie.


Until Tuesday is a profound and moving memoir that demonstrates the power of friendship, resilience, and the bond between humans and animals. Luis Montalván’s journey depicts the struggles many veterans face when dealing with PTSD, while also highlighting the positive impact that service dogs can have on their well-being.

Through vivid storytelling and emotional depth, Montalván’s Until Tuesday offers readers a compassionate and enlightening exploration of trauma, healing, and the potential for a brighter future.

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