You Say It First: A Captivating Story of Love and Redemption

Developed by renowned author Catherine Bybee, “You Say It First” stands as a compelling work of fiction that takes readers into a world where love and redemption intertwine. This book has garnered significant recognition within the literary community, receiving numerous awards, accolades, and positive critiques for its powerful storytelling and relatable characters.

A Glance at the Plot

“You Say It First” follows the journey of Liza Sutherland, a talented graphic designer who finds herself at a crossroads in life. After discovering her fiancĂ©’s infidelity, she faces the difficult task of rebuilding her shattered self-esteem and creating a new path forward. In a courageous attempt to start anew, Liza moves to the small town of River Bend, where she hopes to find solace and rediscover her passion for art.

As Liza settles into her new life, she crosses paths with a dashing local hero named Nick McBride. Nick, a former marine and current deputy sheriff, carries his own emotional baggage from his time in the military. Drawn together by their shared experiences of pain and loss, Liza and Nick form a deep and unique connection.

As their relationship evolves, Liza and Nick must confront the obstacles that stand in their way. Together, they learn the true meaning of trust, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness. Through genuine dialogue and thought-provoking situations, Bybee skillfully crafts a narrative that captivates readers from start to finish.

Praise and Recognition

“You Say It First” has been highly commended within the literary world, receiving well-deserved recognition for its exceptional storytelling and compelling characters. The book was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, gaining popularity shortly after its release.

Critics have praised Catherine Bybee’s ability to create engaging and relatable characters, emphasizing how readers readily connect with the emotional journeys of Liza and Nick. The book’s seamless blend of romance, personal growth, and redemption has been commended, resulting in glowing reviews from both readers and esteemed publications.

Notable Characters

Liza Sutherland: The protagonist, a graphic designer facing the aftermath of a broken relationship, who seeks solace and a fresh start in River Bend.

Nick McBride: A dashing former marine and deputy sheriff with a painful past, drawing Liza into a profound and transformative connection.

Secondary Characters: The book features a cast of well-developed secondary characters who play significant roles in Liza and Nick’s journey. These include supportive friends, family members, and members of the River Bend community who contribute to the book’s rich tapestry of relationships and personal growth.

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