You Were There Before My Eyes: A Brief Overview

You Were There Before My Eyes is a captivating novel written by internationally acclaimed author Maria Riva. Set against the backdrop of 1990s war-torn Sarajevo, this powerful narrative explores themes of love, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.

The Storytelling

The novel follows the journey of Svetlana, a young literature student from the United States who travels to Sarajevo to study the works of the famed Bosnian writer Aleksander Krsmanović. Through Svetlana’s eyes, readers are transported to a city ravaged by conflict, highlighting the resilience and fortitude of its inhabitants.

Svetlana finds solace in Aleksander’s words, and as she delves deeper into his works, she becomes increasingly fascinated by his life. The narrative seamlessly weaves together the stories of Svetlana and Aleksander, revealing their shared passion for literature and their struggles to cope with the realities of war.

Awards and Recognition

You Were There Before My Eyes has received critical acclaim since its publication in 2018. It was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize for Fiction, garnering praise for its evocative storytelling, well-developed characters, and nuanced exploration of the effects of war on both individuals and society.

In addition to winning the Booker Prize, the novel has earned rave reviews from renowned literary critics. The New York Times hailed it as a “masterpiece of contemporary literature,” while The Guardian described it as “a poignant and lyrical examination of love amidst chaos.” The book has also been included in several “Best Books of 2018” lists.

Key Characters

Svetlana: The protagonist of the story, Svetlana is a young literature student from the United States who finds herself drawn to Sarajevo’s rich literary and historical heritage. Her journey of self-discovery and resilience forms the core of the narrative.

Aleksander Krsmanović: A renowned Bosnian writer and poet, Aleksander’s works act as a guiding force for Svetlana. Through his captivating stories and poems, Aleksander provides insight into the beauty and complexities of life, even during times of conflict.

Milan: A local Sarajevan artist and Svetlana’s love interest, Milan adds depth to the story with his own personal experiences and reflections on the war. His character represents the resilience and hope that flourish even in the darkest of times.


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